2019 Events

After thoughtful consideration, I will be taking a year off from doing shows.  I would like to spend the time to create a new a line without the angst of having to make pieces for shows and I really want to focus on working on developing more complex and thoughtful pieces. I am also working on expanding beyond jewelry to other accessories, home décor and abstract art.


I will be using social media more than ever. Posting across different platforms primarily Instagram, Facebook and twitter. 





I will also be working on a monthly newsletter in which I would like to stay connected with my customers who I have enjoyed seeing year after year.


My online store will remain open and I will continue to add new products regularly. I am happy to continue working with clients to create custom pieces as well. I am still here but in a different capacity.

I will return in 2020 and come back better than ever!

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I support and stand with:

  • Black Lives Matter

  • LGBTQ Rights

  • Protection of  the environment

  • Everyone deserves health care

All Jewelry and Art created by

Jessica Dickens

© 2020 by Jessica Dickens

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