It all started by accident...

Back in 2000 with a broken necklace. I was at a yarn shop and saw some beads and thought, “I can use these beads to fix my necklace.” I didn’t have any big ideas or even conceive of myself as creative in any way. I am the daughter of a woman who paints, knits, crochets, writes calligraphy, and even sings pretty well. Soon after I started going to bead shops and not only discovered jewelry making, but I also discovered the artist I was meant to be.  Jewelry making gave me a creative outlet to express myself and I found something that I loved to do. And over a short period of time and with lots of encouragement, I started Jessica Designs in 2002.

I am grateful...

Over the years, I have had many wonderful opportunities and developed great friendships. I have traveled over the years to shows from New Hampshire to Maryland. I am so grateful for my customers who come to see me every year and smile and hug me and eager to see my newest creations. Or they just come and sit with me to talk about life. My jewelry has been seen on runways in fashion shows, broadway stars, singers, CEOs . I've created pieces for brides for their big day or a gift for a friend or for a cancer patient who wanted to wear something that makes her feel strong. Jewelry can bring people joy and make them feel beautiful I have seen it and that is what I hope to continue to do through my jewelry...bring people beauty and joy! 

My Inspiration...

I create jewelry by marrying colors and textures that seem an unlikely pair to create eclectic designs that captures attention. I'd like to think my jewelry speaks to the unique beauty we all possess. Each piece becomes an extension of the person wearing one of my designs. I don't really follow trends, I let each piece design itself that keeps my creativity and unique designs flowing. 

For Shipping information and return policies:

Please visit my Etsy Store.

Where do you get your supplies?

I take trips to New York and there are large gem and jewelry shows that come to the area seasonally and over the years I have developed relationships with a few vendors that offer high quality semi-precious stones, findings and components.

Where can I shop for Jessica Designs? 

Besides online, you can find Jessica Designs at the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, CT and Spectrum Gallery in Centerbrook, CT. You can also click on my events page to see where I will be showcasing my jewelry next. I am currently taking a year off from doing shows to see my current designs, please visit my Etsy shop or email me for a custom order.

Do you make custom designs?

Yes. Click here to see things to consider when requesting a custom piece.  Once you have an idea in mind, please feel free to email me with your request.

Do you repair jewelry?

Yes. Whether it is my own designs or someone else’s, I will be happy to repair your jewelry. If your repair requires soldering, I work with a metal smith and may be able to make the repair.

Why do you use Etsy?

Etsy is probably the largest handmade online marketplace in the world.  Their shopping cart is user friendly and their site is 100% secure and they accept Paypal. It will also help give my jewelry more online visibility. 

Do you donate your jewelry?

Yes.  Feel free to contact me with information about your event or cause.